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Abbie Sparkes Studio

100% Sustainable 100% Circular

All clothing is designed and made by Abbie in her little studio by the sea in the Netherlands


Abbie graduated in 2017 from Falmouth University with a degree in Fashion Design. During her time at university, Abbie realised how much waste she was producing just by making one of her designs. Since then, Abbie has been finding ways to re-use the waste she creates, whether by making new patchworks for designs or creating stuffing with the smaller scraps. Nothing goes to waste.

With textile landfill waste being a big contributer to pollution, Abbie uses deadstock fabric and secondhand clothing/fabric that can no longer be re-sold due to stains, holes etc... to create new garments that will last (hopefully for generations!)

In 2022, she presented her fully recycled 

Re-Imagine collection in collaboration with the Leger des Heils ReShare for Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week in Amsterdam




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