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1 collection - 100% circular - 100% sustainable

Re-Imagine is a collection created in collaboration with Leger des Heils & Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

The brief was to design & create a 5 outfit collection that was entirely made out of secondhand clothes/materials donated by Leger des Heils. 

The clothes used to create this collection were ones that were unsellable - clothes that had holes or stains on them and that would've ended up in landfill. By using these unwanted secondhand clothes means that we are closing the loop on the waste created by the fashion industry, creating 100% circular and sustainable fashion

The collection is online now

SUstainable collection.png

For this collection, I wanted to show the wide range in how we can upcycle textiles, from creating different ways to patchwork fabric together and how we can re-use wool by re-knitting/crocheting into different parts of clothing. As well as using secondhand clothing, I used secondhand tablecloths which had been discarded due to the stains and holes and patchworked them together to create an outfit.

For the design itself, I wanted to keep it simple and wearable - nothing too extreme or wacky as sustainable clothing is not sustainable if it's going to end up in a museum and not be worn and loved everyday. Sustainable fashoin should be part of our everyday outfit and loved for many years to come.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Designer - Abbie Sparkes            Models - Anwar Aaziz & Lisa Reijersen van Buuren            Photographer - Kirsten Busman         Make-up - Lotje Templeman

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