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 “Care for your clothes like the good friends they are”

Joan Crawford

Our mission is to create truly sustainable and circular fashion by sourcing second hand/ deadstock/natural fabrics and turn them into well crafted and longlasting garments to be loved for generations. 

With fashion being one of the biggest contributers to landfill, we try to limit our own waste to a minimum as much as possible. With each garment made comes with a lot of fabric waste, so we keep all the scraps, including the small bits and then patchwork it together to create new and unique fabrics for a new garment.

The key to sustainable clothing is making it last. The goal is for clothing to be passed down from generation to generation instead of ending up in landfill. Therefore we make sure each piece of clothing is made to a high quality that can withstand wear and tear.

Working with secondhand clothing and textiles often means that it has stains or rips on them. Instead of throwing these bits away, we use embroidery and darning techniques to cover these up so nothing is wasted. And often the techniques add uniqueness to the garment and more character. 

Embroidered Shirt

We make our garments per order, when you click buy we then begin making your garment, otherwise known as made-to-order! We do this to stop over-production as this leads to potential waste and over-crowding in our small studio. We like this method as it means each garment is unique and has been purposely made just for you, which we hope makes the garment extra special to you and that you will keep the garment and look after it for a long time!

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