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The ultimate sustainable cardigan


Made from multiple secondhand jumpers that had been discarded due to stains or holes from The Salvation Army, which were then cut up and patchworked together to create a new, colourful and unique cardigan

Patchwork Cardigan

VAT Included
  • Length 50cm - Width 106cm - Sleeve 47cm

    5 button closure

  • The Re-Imagine collection was created in collaboration with the Dutch Salvation Army for the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2022

    The entire collection is made from unsellable secondhand clothing donated by the Salvation Army. These pieces of clothing had stains or rips in them, meaning that traditionally, they would have ended up in landfill, however they have instead been upcycled into this collection to create fully circular and sustainable clothing

    The collection was first shown at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2022 in Kalverstraat, Amsterdam

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